Media Release

29 August 2016

Fitzherbert: Donna Bauer

Monday 29 August 2016

Donna Bauer


As is widely known, in September 2014 I had a cancerous tumour removed from my bowel. I also became one of more than 40,000 Australians who live with a stoma.

In my case, the stoma was always intended to be temporary and was created to let my body heal after major surgery.

The stoma was successfully reversed in February 2015 and today I’m grateful to be healthy and well.

Quotes attributable to Margaret Fitzherbert:

No one ever wants a stoma but for many, including me, it’s what you have to do to stay alive.

The reported comment by Daniel Andrews about Donna Bauer is breathtakingly cruel.

It would be appalling to use a common part of treatment for bowel cancer as an insult and putdown about a woman who was fighting for her life.

It’s no wonder more and more Victorians think Daniel Andrews is unfit to hold the office of Premier.