Media Release

28 October 2015

Guy: $1.5 billion East West link funding

Wednesday 28 October 2015


We welcome the Turnbull Government’s decision to make this funding available for other Victorian infrastructure projects but now it’s time for Daniel Andrews to step up and produce business cases for the Metro Rail project and the Western Distributor.

Daniel Andrews shouldn’t confuse press releases for business cases.  For nearly a year Daniel Andrews has done a lot of talking about these projects but he hasn’t backed that up with detailed plans and a compelling financial case.

Instead, in recent months we have seen the Andrews Government announce three different positions on the tunnel depth for the Metro Rail project and two different routes for a western distributor.  As Daniel Andrews should remember, it’s this sort of scattered and sloppy approach which led to other Labor disasters like myki and the desalination plant.

In my discussions to date with the Turnbull Government it is clear that these funds are not a ‘gift voucher’ for the Andrews Labor Government to waste on bad projects and blow-outs.  The Turnbull Government has also made it clear that Daniel Andrews needs to present erudite proposals and not a handful of press releases.

It is also clear that the community still wants the construction of the East West Link and the thousands of jobs that comes with it and I am pleased that the Turnbull Government still supports this critical congestion-busting road.

Melbourne Metro has to be built and managed properly. It needs to be done well now to benefit future generations.  The Liberal Nationals Coalition is conducting a series of community consultations to provide the Turnbull Government with constructive advice on the Metro Rail project.