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05 October 2016

Guy: A tax on moving around Melbourne

Tuesday 4 October 2016

A tax on moving around Melbourne

The Liberal Nationals oppose the London style congestion tax as proposed by Daniel Andrews’ own handpicked infrastructure advisors.

Slugging motorists with a London style ‘congestion tax’ is a lazy policy.  This is the sort of half-baked idea that gets dreamed up at a Fitzroy dinner party, not from people living in the real world dealing with cost of living pressures.

The Liberal Nationals believe there’s a better way to beat congestion and that’s to build more roads and more public transport. This $5 tax for motorists every time they drive into a “double cordon” area of inner suburbs and the CBD, is a tax on moving freely around our city.

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling to hospitals, doctors and schools located in the cordons, or taking the family to the Melbourne Zoo or the MCG, Daniel Andrews is looking at slugging you with a new tax.

Only the Andrews Labor Government would suggest an inner city congestion tax, which threatens our ability to grow population in the downtown area of Melbourne, the day after launching yet another Fishermans Bend plan.