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28 February 2017

Guy: Andrews must take action on Don Nardella

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Andrews must take action on Don Nardella
After three days of ducking and weaving, Daniel Andrews has finally acknowledged that Don Nardella should pay back the $100,000 he rorted from Victorian taxpayers.
But it’s not good enough for Daniel Andrews to just begrudgingly acknowledge it. This is his Labor MP and he needs to make sure Don Nardella pays this money back urgently.
Daniel Andrews likes to boast that he takes responsibility for everything in his government. Now is the time to see if that’s just meaningless spin or whether he’s fair dinkum.
Daniel Andrews’ double standards show once again that his first priority is politics and not people.
If Don Nardella refuses to pay this money back then Daniel Andrews needs to kick him out of the Labor Party otherwise he will be be accepting a tainted vote.