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24 May 2017

Guy: Daniel Andrews isn’t a leader, he’s a divider

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Daniel Andrews isn’t a leader, he’s a divider

Daniel Andrews has reached a new low by merging a cancer compensation bill with a bill to bolster union power.

Daniel Andrews isn’t a leader, he’s a divider.

The Liberal Nationals strongly support assisting firefighters and their families who are dealing with the stresses of cancer caused through their service to Victoria.  It doesn’t get more divisive and cynical than this.

That’s why we would like to see presumptive legislation passed as a matter of urgency so these families can have some financial certainty to relieve a bit of the stress they are going through.

If Daniel Andrews has even a shred of decency he will immediately split these bills so we can all work together and put people before politics.

Daniel Andrews normally never lets an opportunity to go by to play wedge politics.  Now is his chance to do the right and decent thing.