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25 August 2016

Guy: Daniel Andrews’ speech about nothing

Thursday 25 August 2016

Daniel Andrews’ speech about nothing

Daniel Andrews’ speech today was his Seinfeld moment – a speech about nothing.

For all the hype and fanfare, Daniel Andrews’ only announcement was a new taxpayer funded advertising campaign.

This was a 30 minute speech with no jobs plan and no economic plan.

Daniel Andrews devoted some of his speech to criticising the federal government for lacking a bold reform agenda with no sense of irony that he has no reform agenda himself.

There was no detail in the Premier’s speech about protecting Victorian jobs while creating new job opportunities for the next generation.

The reality of Daniel Andrews’ economic record is one of failure, mismanagement and waste.

In just 18 months, Daniel Andrews has announced three new taxes and increased tax collected by 21%. He’s torn up a legal contract to build a new road wasting $1.1 billion of Victorian taxpayers’ money. As Premier he introduced a new public holiday which nobody asked for, costing Victorian businesses around $1 billion a year.  And he’s overseen a budget blowout in public sector wages because he has green lighted all union demands.

Only Daniel Andrews would be arrogant enough to summons regional mayors to Melbourne for his speech and then fail to announce anything for regional Victoria.  Regional Victorians are looking for a real youth jobs plan and a vision to manage Victoria’s population, not a new 15 second advertisement.

The Liberal Nationals are working on a plan to manage Victoria’s population to drive economic growth and create new job opportunities throughout all of Victoria.