Media Release

11 July 2018

Guy-Davis: Get Victoria Moving: Building the Cranbourne to Clyde rail extension

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Get Victoria Moving: Building the Cranbourne to Clyde rail extension

A Liberal Nationals Government will extend the metropolitan rail network from Cranbourne to Clyde rail to help get Victoria moving.

Construction is expected to commence in 2019 and be completed in 2022.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will build 5 kilometres of electrified double line from Cranbourne to Cranbourne East and terminating at Clyde at a cost of $487 million.

As part of this transport infrastructure project, new stations will be built at Cranbourne East and Clyde along with 350 additional parking spaces.

In the last year, the combined population of Cranbourne East and Clyde grew by 7,300 people.

This rail extension will be built with no new level crossings. Key intersections at the South Gippsland Highway, Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road, Broad Oak Drive and Berwick-Cranbourne Road will be grade-separated.

The Cranbourne to Clyde rail extension will also help reduce local road congestion, improve access to education and recreation precincts and help more people live, work and raise a family in Melbourne’s south-east.

Local bus services will also be improved to connect commuters to the new railway stations at Cranbourne East and Clyde.

This is the first stage of the Liberal Nationals plan to upgrade the Cranbourne rail corridor. As part of the overall project, future upgrades to the Cranbourne line will also be essential, including the full duplication from Cranbourne to Dandenong, and a future extension to Koo Wee Rup.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“Melbourne is jam packed and growing by around 120,000 people a year.

The City of Casey is experiencing substantial population growing pains and needs immediate government action.

We need to ease the population squeeze which is why I am so focused on planning for population growth so every Victorian can enjoy living in their communities.

This rail extension, along with our plan to remove intersections at Thompsons Road and Western Port Highway in Lyndhurst as well as Hall Road and Western Port Highway, Cranbourne West will also help bust local congestion.

Only the Liberal Nationals will deliver this rail extension to Clyde as well as the regular train services required to give local people more choice and options.”

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis:

“Labor has been in government for 14 of the last 18 years and has consistently taken local people in this area for granted.

When Daniel Andrews tore up the East West Link contract and cost taxpayers $1.3 billion in compensation, that money could have been better spent on building this rail extension three years ago as well as more local schools and health services.

The problem with Daniel Andrews and Labor is they waste taxpayers money that could always be better spent on real investments in local infrastructure and services.”

Comments attributable to Member for Bass, Brian Paynter:

“Clyde is experiencing massive population growth and we need to make sure that when it comes to infrastructure we aren’t playing catch up but rather getting ahead.

I’m working hard to deliver more local infrastructure and services like health and education to keep this area as a great place to live, work and raise a family.

That’s why I have been working with Matthew Guy and his team to secure funding for this important transport infrastructure as well as other planning to keep ahead of population growth.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Cranbourne, Ann-Marie Hermans:

“I’ve been working with our local community to secure more public transport options and services like the Cranbourne to Clyde rail extension and Matthew Guy and his team have listened.

This will be a huge boost to locals in Cranbourne East and Clyde who will directly benefit from new trains and improved bus services.

I am going to keep working with community leaders to deliver more for our local community because Labor has been taking this area for granted for too long and we need more investment.”