Media Release

28 December 2017

Guy: Dealing in death laws

Thursday 28 December 2017

Dealing in death laws

Offenders who commit atrocious acts, especially mass casualty attacks, must always be held responsible for their own actions.

Today the Liberal Nationals Coalition announced that if elected, we will ensure that drug dealers who supply ice or other drugs to people who go on to commit serious violent crimes will also be held responsible.

This policy will apply to dealers who supply ice or other drugs to offenders who go on to commit serious violence offences such as mass casualty attacks and murder.

If found the guilty, on top of drug trafficking offences, the offender would also face a mandatory minimum of ten years, not to be served concurrently with any other offence for supplying drugs which have led to a mass casualty event.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

I am determined to make Victoria safe again.

This new law will hold drug dealers accountable for their actions and for the catastrophic effect of dealing illicit drugs.

More of the same soft laws will not stamp out mass casualty or ice related crime.  Only a tough new approach will and that’s what the Liberal Nationals are determined to introduce if elected

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney General, John Pesutto:

Ice dealers should not only pay a hefty price for trafficking illicit drugs, they should also face jail time for the devastation their peddling contributes to the trauma innocent people suffer at the hands of violent offenders.

Offenders will continue to feel the full force of the law, but those fuelling their addiction will also have to answer for the part they play in the misery that may follow.