Media Release

18 November 2018

Guy: Funding boost for STOP! One punch can kill

Sunday 18 November 2018

Funding boost for STOP! One punch can kill

Victims of crime deserve a louder voice in our community and in our justice system.

Daniel Andrews may have turned his back on victims of crime, but a government I led will put them first.

The best way to tackle crime is to get ahead of the curve and stop it before it starts.

That’s why a Liberal Nationals government will commit $200,000 to the STOP! One punch can kill campaign.

This funding will enable Caterina Politi and her supporters to carry on the good work of the STOP! One punch can kill campaign, born out of the tragic loss of her son David Cassai, during an unprovoked attack on New Year’s Eve in 2012.

These grants can be used for a range of crime prevention initiatives. This includes social media campaigns, research, community engagement such as school and sporting club visits and preparation of material such as booklets or brochures.

By providing funding to victims and community organisations to raise awareness to children and young adults, we can stop the scourge of violent crime before it begins.

Daniel Andrews has lost control of crime in Victoria.

A government I lead will see victims placed at the forefront of our law and order system.