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23 November 2018

Guy: Get Back in Control: Our Plan for Geelong

Thursday 22 November 2018

Get Back in Control: Our Plan for Geelong

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will get to work on creating a state of cities, not a city state.

A Liberal Nationals Government will be focused on change that helps Victorians – safer communities, better roads and public transport and easing the cost of living squeeze.

That’s why Liberal Nationals are investing in our regions, including Geelong.

We will build a European-style High Speed Rail across Victoria. Within the first term of a Liberal Nationals Government, travel times between Geelong and Melbourne will be slashed to just 32 minutes, an improvement of 26 minutes on the current timetable.

European-style High Speed Rail to Geelong will bring more employers to the area and create more employment opportunities as well as give people more lifestyle choices.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will also build Geelong Metro. Geelong Metro will become a major hub for regional rail services that connect the city with regional centres.

The Geelong Metro initiative builds on the Liberal Nationals plan to appoint the first Minister for Geelong, implement a new Geelong Planning statement – Plan Geelong, and commence a new planning strategy for Geelong inner city revitalisation called ‘Postcode 3220’.

The Liberal Nationals will invest $128 million to complete the final stage of the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, as well as honouring Victoria’s share of the Geelong City deal which will fund important projects such as Stage 2 of the Shipwreck Coast Masterplan and development of the Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will also invest $90.25 million in schools in the Geelong region as part of our plan to build a state of cities and ease the population squeeze.

We will invest $34.5 million to build a new Armstrong Creek Secondary School, completing the move of Oberon High School into the Armstrong Creek Education Precinct and building a Geelong Region Autism School at the present Oberon High School site.

Funding also includes a feasibility study into a secondary college in Leopold to ease pressure on Bellarine Secondary and Newcomb Secondary.

This is on top of the Liberal Nationals’ state wide commitment to offer free school books for government secondary school students. Over the course of secondary school, families stand to benefit up to $2,856 or on average around $476 per year.

Under our Cost of Living Relief Package, families will be around $1,700 a year better off with lower electricity and gas prices, and up to $100 a year off water bills.

The Liberal Nationals will get back in control of crime and urgently pass laws to make our communities safer like fixing bail laws so that if you breach bail you go to jail, smashing gangs with tough new anti-consorting laws as well as mandatory minimum jail sentences for repeat violent criminals because we believe jail means jail.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will work with Victoria Police to ensure that Torquay Police is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also install a CCTV network in Torquay and Jan Juc to help keep locals safe.

If we are going to build a state of cities instead of being a city state, then it means investing in more schools, police and transport in cities like Geelong.

Our ‘First 100 Days’ will be the groundwork for our plan to get back in control of population growth.  We will govern for the next generation, not the next media cycle or election.

Population, crime, congestion and cost of living are out of control following Labor being in government for 15 of the last 19 years. Labor are part of the problem, not the solution.

Victorians will have a choice at this election. Victorians can choose more of the same failed policies and excuses from Daniel Andrews and Labor or a Liberal Nationals Government that will get back in control of crime, congestion and cost of living.

You can read our 100 Day Plan here.