Media Release

21 November 2018

Guy: Get Back in Control: The First 100 Days

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Get Back in Control: The First 100 Days

An elected majority Liberal Nationals Government will get to work first thing on Sunday morning to deliver on our plan to get back in control of cost of living, crime and congestion.

The first 100 days of a Liberal Nationals Government will be focused on change that helps Victorians – safer communities, better roads and public transport and easing the cost of living squeeze.

Under our Cost of Living Relief Package, families will be up to $1,700 a year better off with lower electricity and gas prices, free school books for secondary students at government schools and up to $100 a year off water bills.

A Liberal Nationals Government will urgently pass laws to make our communities safer like fixing bail laws so that if you breach bail you go to jail, smashing gangs with tough new anti-consorting laws as well as mandatory minimum jail sentences for repeat violent criminals because we believe jail means jail.

And we will get to work straight away on our infrastructure plan of more highways, unclogging arterial roads as well as building a better rail network in Melbourne and delivering European high-speed rail for regional Victoria. It’s the centrepiece of our strategic plan to decentralise Victoria’s population and jobs.

Unplanned, unmanaged population growth is killing our liveability. Melbourne’s population squeeze is putting enormous stress on our roads, public transport, schools and hospitals and that impacts everyone’s quality of life.

Daniel Andrews says it’s inevitable that Melbourne’s population will hit 8 million people in the next three decades. We don’t accept that. We say we need to decentralise our jobs and population throughout Victoria. That’s why we will establish a Population Commission to help manage Victorian population growth for now and the next generation.

Our ‘First 100 Days’ will be the groundwork for our plan to get back in control of population growth. We will govern for the next generation, not the next media cycle or election.

Population, crime, congestion and cost of living are out of control following Labor being in government for 15 of the last 19 years. Labor are part of the problem, not the solution.

Victorians will have a choice at this election. Victorians can choose more of the same failed policies and excuses from Daniel Andrews and Labor or a Liberal Nationals Government that will get back in control of crime, congestion and cost of living.

You can read our 100 Day Plan here.