Media Release

31 October 2018

Guy: Latrobe Valley jobs guaranteed

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Latrobe Valley jobs guaranteed

The Liberal Nationals have guaranteed that no matter who wins the November election the SEA Electric Company will still be building electric vehicles in Morwell.

Unlike the Labor Party the Liberal Nationals do not rip up contracts and waste taxpayers’ money as Labor did when they tore up the East West Link contract at a cost of $1.3 billion to build nothing.

The Liberal Nationals give this guarantee to voters in the Latrobe Valley – the SEA Electric project will go ahead regardless of whether they support the Liberal Nationals or Labor Party.

However a vote for the Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals team will deliver a European style high-speed rail network slashing travel times between the Latrobe Valley and Melbourne; a crackdown on crime where jail means jail; a new $1 billion dollar country roads project to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Latrobe Valley.

The Liberal Nationals also have a comprehensive plan to Get Back in Control of population growth to spread the benefits across the state.

We have announced Australia’s lowest payroll tax rate of just one percent in regional Victoria to encourage local businesses and create real, long term jobs.

And the Liberal Nationals have a comprehensive Cost of Living plan to let people get back in control of their daily expenses.

It includes:

  • Discounts on water bills saving up to $100 annually.
  • A saving of up to $530 on electricity bills for low income earners;
  • Rego cuts of $295 for red P Plate Drivers.
  • A free school books plan for government secondary school students savings families $476 per student per year – over the six years of a student’s secondary education that is a saving of $2856.
  • Increased subsidies for patients have to travel to Melbourne for medical treatment

With the Liberal Nationals not only do you get the SEA Electric jobs, but also a package of reforms that will grow the local economy and benefit families struggling with the cost of living.