Media Release

24 September 2017

Guy: Liberal Nationals Shadow Ministry

Sunday 24 September 2017

Liberal Nationals Shadow Ministry

Today, Peter Walsh and I announce a new shadow ministerial line-up that will sharpen our focus on the things that matter most to Victorians.

The Liberals and Nationals are focused on policies that will create good jobs for Victorians – jobs that offer more security and better opportunity.  The Liberals and Nationals are focused on housing affordability and affordable electricity.  The Liberals and Nationals are focused on easing the population squeeze and becoming a state of cities and not a city state.  The Liberals and Nationals are focused on safer communities with good roads, transport, schools and local health care.

These are the issues that all of my team are focused on.

Over the next 14 months, my team with this new allocation of portfolios and responsibilities will build on the policies already released that will give Victorians a real choice at the next election between more of the same or a better future.

We are working on a plan to manage Victoria’s population growth of over 100,000 people every year.  It’s a plan that will grow jobs around the state, including an ambitious construction and infrastructure program that will improve the connectivity between cities and towns to help decentralise our population.

That’s why I am taking on responsibility for our population policy with Nationals Leader Peter Walsh who will have responsibility for decentralisation.

Deputy Liberal Leader David Hodgett will take on the Roads portfolio while David Davis will assume responsibility for Public Transport.  Public Transport and Roads will be central to the vision for Victoria that we take to the election.

Deputy Leader of the Nationals, Steph Ryan picks up the vital Water portfolio to add to her current responsibilities.

In addition to retaining Emergency Services, Brad Battin will take on the new portfolio of Building Industry which will give greater focus on both the regulation and development of Victoria’s building and construction industry.  Brad will continue in the role of Emergency Services, protecting those that protect us and keeping the CFA from being torn apart by Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews has introduced 11 new taxes that have increased overall tax by over 20%. On top of that, he has forced the closure of Hazelwood which has seen sky-rocketing electricity costs.  I am delighted that Ryan Smith will take on the new Shadow Ministry of Cost of Living as well as Shadow Special Minister of State. As Shadow Special Minister of State, Ryan will now play the lead coordination role between the parliamentary party and the Liberal Party organisation for the 2018 election campaign.

Underpinning Victoria’s liveability is protecting our natural environment.  Nick Wakeling will take on the key portfolio of Environment – to protect and enhance our parks, rivers, bays and ocean.

Tim Smith comes into Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister for Education and Scrutiny of Government. Danny O’Brien will now head the Coalition’s Population Policy taskforce.

Emma Kealy has additional responsibilities in the Health portfolio and will be Shadow Minister for Country Health, Mental Health, Senior Victorians, and Women.

David Morris has the added responsibility of Local Government as well as Shadow Cabinet Secretary.

Robert Clark continues to serve as Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and takes on the new portfolio of Counter Terrorism.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretaries will have a title change to better reflect their duties; all will now be known as a Shadow Assistant Minister.

Dee Ryall comes into the new role of Shadow Assistant Minister for Economic Development while Margaret Fitzherbert takes on the extra role of Shadow Assistant Minister to the Leader.

Victorians will have a clear choice at the next election.  A choice between a team focused on ideas and policies that will focus on jobs and protecting the way we live, or a government more focused on themselves’ and rorting the taxpayer.

Liberal Nationals

Shadow Cabinet

24 September 2017

Matthew Guy MP Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Liberal Party

Shadow Minister for Population

Peter Walsh MP Leader of the Nationals

Deputy Leader of the Coalition

Shadow Minister for Agriculture

Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria and  Decentralisation

David Hodgett MP Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party

Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight

Steph Ryan MP Deputy Leader of the Nationals

Shadow Minister for Water

Shadow Minister for Training, Skills and Apprenticeships

Shadow Minister for Young Victorians

Mary Wooldridge MP Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council

Shadow Minister for Health

Gordon Rich-Phillips MP Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council

Shadow Assistant Treasurer

Shadow Minister for Government Administration

Shadow Minister for Aviation

Michael O’Brien MP Shadow Treasurer
Brad Battin MP Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

Shadow Minister for the Building Industry

Tim Bull MP Shadow Minister for Disability

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Shadow Minister for Racing

Neale Burgess MP Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Robert Clark MP Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations

Shadow Minister for Counter Terrorism

Manager of Opposition Business

Georgie Crozier MP Shadow Minister for Housing

Shadow Minister for Families and Children

Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

David Davis MP Shadow Minister for Public Transport

Shadow Minister for Planning

Shadow Minister for Equality

Emma Kealy MP Shadow Minister for Country Health

Shadow Minister for Mental Health

Shadow Minister for Senior Victorians

Shadow Minister for Women

Tim McCurdy MP Shadow Minister for Sport

Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Shadow Minister for Veterans

David Morris MP Shadow Minister for Finance

Shadow Minister for Local Government

Shadow Cabinet Secretary

Edward O’Donohue MP Shadow Minister for Police

Shadow Minister for Community Safety

Shadow Minister for Corrections

Craig Ondarchie MP            Shadow Minister for Investment and Jobs

Shadow Minister for Trade

John Pesutto MP Shadow Attorney-General
Inga Peulich MP Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Ryan Smith MP Shadow Special Minister of State

Shadow Minister for Industry

Shadow Minister for Cost of Living

Tim Smith MP Shadow Minister for Education

Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government

David Southwick MP Shadow Minister for Innovation

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources

Shadow Minister for Renewables

Heidi Victoria MP Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture

Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Nick Wakeling MP Shadow Minister for Environment






Liberal Nationals

Shadow Assistant Ministry

25 September 2017

Neil Angus MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury
Melina Bath MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Education
Bernie Finn MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Shadow Assistant Minister for Electoral Integrity

Shadow Assistant Minister for Melbourne’s West

Margaret Fitzherbert MP Shadow Assistant Minister to the Leader

Shadow Assistant Minister for Health

Michael Gidley MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Small Business, Investment, Jobs and Trade
Andrew Katos MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Geelong
Cindy McLeish MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Environment, Communities and Volunteers
Simon Ramsay MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Agriculture
Dee Ryall MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Economic Development