Media Release

27 June 2018

Guy: Liberals Nationals to upgrade Bellbrae Primary School

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Liberals Nationals to upgrade Bellbrae Primary School

The Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy yesterday joined Member for South Barwon, Andrew Katos to announce that an elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $8 million for a major upgrade of Bellbrae Primary School.

This much needed upgrade will provide new permanent classrooms, a new gymnasium, a synthetic oval and see the school connected to potable mains water.

Bellbrae Primary School was originally a small rural school but its numbers have swelled  as a result of Torquay’s growth. Many of the school’s classrooms are ageing portables and despite the school exceeding 350 students it does not have a gymnasium. Students are in substandard classrooms and there is nowhere for the school have an assembly that is not at the mercy of the elements.

The school’s oval has such high volumes of students during recesses and lunch period that it has been impossible to grow grass. In winter it is virtually a mud heap.

Earlier this year some students became ill due to contaminated tank water. It is completely unacceptable and a health risk that the school is not connected to potable mains water.

Daniel Andrews has ignored the needs of Bellbrae Primary School. On two occasions the Minister for Education has been asked in parliament to visit the school and he completely ignored the Bellbrae school community.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“A government I lead will give Bellbrae the classrooms and facilities they so desperately need and rightly deserve.

If the Liberal Nationals are elected in November we will ensure Bellbrae has the funding to be connected to potable mains water so children no longer risk drinking dirty or contaminated tank water.”

Comments attributable to Member for South Barwon, Andrew Katos:

“As the local member I will not ignore the needs of Bellbrae PS and that’s why we are committing $8 million to this desperately needed upgrade.

I am so pleased that a Matthew Guy Government will deliver Bellbrae Primary new facilities and access to clean drinking water.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“Daniel Andrews’ education state is just a slogan on a press release while kids drink dirty water and suffer through old, degraded portable classrooms.

This is further proof that the so called education state is a hollow slogan not worth the number plates it’s written on.”