Media Release

12 October 2018

Guy: Liberals to expand CCTV in Cranbourne

Friday 12 October 2018

Liberals to expand CCTV in Cranbourne

Our local communities deserve to feel safe.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $250,000 towards extending the current CCTV security camera network in Cranbourne and Lynbrook.

Earlier this month, the residential area of Lynbrook was the scene of 100 youths hiding in the park after terrorising commuters on a late night train. Residents spoke of their fear and reporting hearing yelling and screaming in the area.

New CCTV cameras and lighting will be installed in and around the Banjo Paterson Park to improve public safety and help police identify people in the park at night.

CCTV cameras will be also installed in the Cranbourne shopping strip activity area and the precincts around local train stations and carparks including Lynbrook, Merinda Park and Cranbourne train station.

CCTV programs have been widely successful in improving residents’ feelings of safety and security as well as assisting Victoria Police in responding to crime.

Despite Victoria’s population increasing by over half a million people, frontline police numbers have fallen under Daniel Andrews with Police Association figures showing there are now 190 fewer uniform officers than in 2013.

Having an extensive CCTV network around Cranbourne will act has a deterrent for would be criminals and assist police in catching criminals when they do offend.

This community safety commitment builds on the Liberal Nationals pledge to build a new police station at Clyde North to help police keep the community safe and keep up with the demand experienced the huge amount of population growth in Clyde.

Since Daniel Andrews was elected, crime in Cranbourne has increase 13.6%, 51.9% in Cranbourne East and 31.05% in Cranbourne.

Under Daniel Andrews, crime is out of control.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“I will make Victoria safe again.

“Violent crime and youth gangs are out of control under Daniel Andrews and communities like Cranbourne are paying the price.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Cranbourne, Ann Marie Hermans:

“Daniel Andrews has let crime get out of control in Victoria and only a Matthew Guy led government will deliver tough on crime and community safety polices to keep residents in Cranbourne safe.

“There is a clear choice at the next election between more of the same from Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy who is delivering for communities.”