Media Release

04 November 2018

Guy: Make Victoria Safe: Tasers for Police in St Kilda

Sunday 4 November 2018

Make Victoria Safe: Tasers for Police in St Kilda

Daniel Andrews has lost control of crime in Victoria.

Crime has increased in St Kilda by 10.11% since Daniel Andrews was elected with violent crimes like residential aggravated burglary up 45.7%.

Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals have a comprehensive plan to get back in control of crime.

A Liberal Nationals Government will fund the phased roll-out of 4,000 Tasers for Victoria Police.

With violent crime out of control in St Kilda, the Liberal Nationals will work with Victoria Police to prioritise the rollout of Tasers to the Port Phillip Police service area to keep residents, businesses and tourists safe.

The Port Phillip Police service area includes the 24/7 St Kilda Police Station.

All too often, hardworking police are called-out to respond to violent and dangerous situations in the St Kilda area involving gangs as well as offenders who are affected by drugs and alcohol.

The Liberal Nationals believe our police officers should be equipped with modern equipment, and alternative options to firearms, helping them to manage these dangerous situations and to minimise the risk of serious injury and fatalities.

Tasers have already been successfully introduced to Victoria Police specialist units and regional 24-hour police stations.

Supporting operational police with Tasers will save lives and reduce the risk of serious injuries to police and innocent bystanders.

Tasers are just one part of Matthew Guy’s comprehensive plan to get back in control of crime. This comprehensive plan include the toughest mandatory sentencing, bail and parole reforms in Australia and a new suite of CCTV and proactive policing measures.

Under Matthew Guy, jail will mean jail and Daniel Andrews’ cuts to frontline police numbers will be reversed.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Liberal Party, Matthew Guy:

“I will get back in control of crime to make Victoria safe.

Under a Government I lead, jail will mean jail.

We will end Daniel Andrews and Labor’s soft touch approach where violent criminals are given more rights than victims.

If I am elected Premier, we will increase frontline police numbers and give them more resources like Tasers to help keep our community safe.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, Edward O’Donohue:

“For too long, Daniel Andrews’ soft touch on crime has let gangs run rampant and allowed crime to spiral out of control.

The Liberal Nationals will crack down on the gangs and introduce tough mandatory minimum jail time to keep repeat violent offenders in jail.

This is about saving lives and keeping police and innocent bystanders safe.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Albert Park, Andrew Bond:

“When I’m out knocking on doors around St Kilda, Albert Park and South Melbourne, residents keep telling me they think crime is out of control.

More of the same from this Labor Government won’t cut it, we need to think outside the box and work harder on local solutions.”