Media Release

02 October 2018

Guy: Making Victoria Safe: More CCTV for Ringwood East

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Making Victoria Safe: More CCTV for Ringwood East

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will make Victoria safer with more police on the beat, more tools for police to catch criminals and tougher laws to keep them in jail.

As part of this plan a Liberal Nationals Government would invest $24 million for more local community safety measures like CCTV cameras in at risk areas across Victoria.

Under Daniel Andrews violent crimes like assault are up 38%.

This plan will include $32,000 towards extending the current CCTV security camera network in Ringwood East. The current CCTV coverage in Ringwood East has had proven success reducing incidents of violence crime and helping police gather evidence. This expansion will cover blackspots in the existing coverage.

This announcement follows other community focused crime prevention measures announced by the Liberal Nationals including:

  • Establishing highly visible Police shopfronts in 12 major shopping centres, including at Eastland.
  • 4,000 Tasers to be rolled out to 24 hours stations across Victoria including at Ringwood Police Station
  • Re-establish a ‘Police in Schools’ program, to allow police to better engage with young Victorians.
  • Fund the establishment of a Victoria Police Mobile CCTV camera rollout and;
  • Commit $2 million over four years to Neighbourhood Watch for local crime prevention initiatives.

Under Daniel Andrews, crime is out of control and only the Liberal Nationals are committed to ensuring all Victorians feel safe in their communities.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy:

“I will make Victoria safer.

A government I lead will give the police the tools they need to catch criminals and the laws they need to lock them up and keep them there.”

Comments attributable to Member for Ringwood, Dee Ryall:

“Violent crime and youth gangs are out of control under Daniel Andrews and communities in the Ringwood electorate are paying the price.

I’ve seen big changes here in my local community with crime at record levels. Residents and traders are left to deal with the consequences and have repeatedly asked the Andrews Labor Government for help but without any response.

Daniel Andrews has let crime get out of control in Victoria and only a Matthew Guy led government will deliver tough on crime and community safety polices to keep residents in Ringwood East safe.”

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