Media Release

21 October 2015

Guy: Metro Rail Tunnel – South Yarra Interchange

Wednesday 21 October 2015


Metro Rail Tunnel – South Yarra Interchange

There is almost unanimous agreement that Melbourne needs a new CBD north-south rail link.

Despite the fact that Daniel Andrews has announced a rail link which is unfunded, without an environmental study and has not released a business case, the Liberal National Coalition will work constructively to build world class infrastructure for Victoria.

The Liberal National Coalition has already started a conversation with the Turnbull Government on working together to get Victoria’s infrastructure right.

A part of that conversation is building a rail interchange station at South Yarra. South Yarra’s population is booming, its entertainment and business precincts need every incentive to grow. It makes no sense to build a major rail project right underneath South Yarra without an interchange station. Building this new rail link without a South Yarra interchange is like building a house without doors.

Daniel Andrews has a poor record of involvement in major projects.  He was a member of the Cabinet which mismanaged the myki and the desalination plant projects.  We are already seeing signs of mismanagement of this project.  Tunnel depths change from month to month, there are no full public details on property acquisition, and there are still no public details of how the government will fund this multi-billion dollar project. The management of Melbourne Metro is beginning to look shambolic.

Melbourne Metro has to be built and managed properly. It needs to be done well now to benefit future generations. Building a South Yarra interchange station is critical if we are going to properly plan for Melbourne’s long-term future and liveability.