Media Release

19 November 2018

Guy: New home for drag racing in Victoria

Sunday 18 November 2018

New home for drag racing in Victoria

The Liberal Nationals will boost support for legal drag racing in Victoria by investing $10 million to develop a masterplan and work with the motorsports community to buy land and begin building a permanent race track for drag racing.

Motorsports both professional and amateur is a huge industry throughout Australia, with car lovers travelling around the Australia and the world to race and show their cars.

Having a new track in Victoria, will encourage a new stream of tourism outside of Melbourne’s CBD with meets often running over a weekend encouraging overnights stays and the associated spends in the hospitality industry.

A new home in Victoria for drag racing will benefit not only those local competitors and fans but the entire state through tourism. The potential economic value of the industry has been estimated at $190 million per annum.

The masterplan would look at a multipurpose and include a 1/4-mile drag strip, burnout pad, skidpan, and fully paved pit area to enable it to offer itself for other events and uses. It would also look at facilities including appropriate comfortable spectator seating, corporate facilities to cater for event hospitality, and an Australia Drag Racing Museum.

The Liberal Nationals will support those who do the right thing and simply have a genuine love of cars and the sport.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Liberal Party, Matthew Guy:

“Motorsports is a great pastime for families and mates to get together, chat, tinker with cars, race and share knowledge.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will deliver this important funding boost to not only grow legal drag racing but to also attract new jobs and investment in our growing state.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Sport, Danny O’Brien:

“By investing in legal drag racing, the Liberal Nationals are giving genuine motorsports enthusiasts a home to race their cars.

This investment is good for our community and good for our local economy.”