Media Release

29 November 2015

Guy: Parole Law Changes

Sunday 29 November 2015


Parole Law Changes

If elected, the Liberal Nationals Coalition will pass legislation preventing any convicted murderer from qualifying for parole if they haven’t provided police with details of where the body of their victim is.

Under Daniel Andrews, crime rates are increasing at an alarming rate while at the same time police stations like those in Ashburton, Pakenham and Sommerville are closing their doors to the public or reducing their hours of operation.

These figures also confirm that the ‘soft touch’ approach of Labor just doesn’t work.

Most Victorians have now lost faith in the parole board. There have been far too many cases where criminals who aren’t rehabilitated have had their parole rubber-stamped and its innocent Victorians who have paid the price.

I believe the rights of victims and their families should be at the forefront of the criminal justice system.

When we come to government, the Liberal Nationals Coalition will pass a law that prevents any convicted murderer of being released on parole if they have not provided police with the details on where the body of their victim is located.

Any convicted murderer who has not previously disclosed the location of the body of their victim, or who have otherwise withheld critical information which would enable the loved ones of the victim to have the closure and understanding that they so desperately desire, cannot sincerely claim they are remorseful or rehabilitated if they are not prepared to give some closure to the family and friends of their victim.

Families have a right to bury their loved ones and they should decide the resting place, not convicted criminals. This law would apply to convicted murderers currently surviving sentences, as well as all future convictions.