Media Release

26 April 2017

Guy-Pesutto: Community Advocacy Alliance – Plan 100

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Community Advocacy Alliance – Plan 100


The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) today launched their law and order Plan 100 at Parliament House.

Plan 100 is a proposal of the CAA to tackle the crime tsunami in Victoria.


Attributed to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“More of the same isn’t going to fix the crime tsunami.  We need to change the way we do things.

“That’s why we need to listen to and consider the ideas from people with deep policing experience.

“Daniel Andrews has failed the community with his soft, weak approach to crime, policing, bail and sentencing.

“The justice system is broken and we need to make changes starting with mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders to make our streets safe.

“You can’t fix something if you can’t admit it’s broken and needs change. While Daniel Andrews keeps defending the current system, I’m prepared to listen to others with their ideas on how to fix it.”


Attributed to Shadow Minister for Police, Edward O’Donohue:

“Bringing together hundreds of years of collective policing experience, the Community Advocacy Alliance’s 100 Point Plan is a detailed blue print for reform that deserves to be given serious consideration by Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police.

“While Daniel Andrews has had his head in the sand denying there isn’t a crime problem, the CAA has been working on ideas to tackle the law and order crisis facing Victoria.”