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27 September 2016

Guy: Peter Rau

Monday 26 September 2016

Peter Rau

Once again, Daniel Andrews and his ministers are playing loose with the truth and this time it’s about something as serious and deeply personal as an individual’s health.

Neil Mitchell has published an email from Peter Rau’s wife Tracey, where she writes in part about her husband:

“Firstly, he is not gravely ill, as was stated publicly by the acting minister and this statement has unduly concerned and upset many of our family and friends and we have had reassure people that it is not the case.

The minister has said this purely to distract from the truth.”

This is a new low from Daniel Andrews and his ministers. If the Premier has any decency he will apologise to Peter Rau and his family.

Daniel Andrews loves to preach about how virtuous he is, but too often he’s caught out lying and bullying to get his own way.

Daniel Andrews’ campaign of misinformation, character assassinations and bullying has weakened our fire services only weeks before another dangerous bushfire season.

It’s been 103 days since Daniel Andrews claimed he’d “ended” the CFA dispute.