Media Release

09 March 2016

Guy: Port of Melbourne lease

Wednesday 9 March 2016


Port of Melbourne lease

The Liberal Nationals Coalition will support amendments to the Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015 and not oppose the passage of the amended Bill.

The Liberal Nationals have spent months ensuring the best deal possible for business, agricultural producers and consumers – both today and future generations.

Importantly the proposed amended Bill does not preclude the development of a second container port for Victoria after the adaptation of a reasonable compensation regime capped to the first fifteen years.

Further, at the insistence of the Liberal Nationals, up to $700 million will be spent on improving transport infrastructure in rural and regional areas instead of the government’s original plan to spend all the proceeds of sale in Melbourne.

The process engaged by the Upper House inquiry last year bought many critical issues to the attention of the Parliament. It is this evidence that has guided the Liberal Nationals position and as such, this evidence that has produced what is now a workable, reasonable outcome.

The Liberal Nationals acknowledge and thank all of those who contributed to the Upper House parliamentary inquiry, and the members of the committee.