Media Release

19 October 2018

Guy: Smart technology to get back in control of traffic congestion

Friday 19 October 2018

Smart technology to get back in control of traffic congestion

Daniel Andrews has lost control of population growth.

Uncontrolled population growth is causing traffic chaos on our roads meaning commuters are spending more time stuck in traffic and less time with their families.

Daniel Andrews’ infrastructure spending is like a dog chasing its tail because he has no plan to get back in control of population growth.

Without a population plan to deal with growth Melbourne will always be in a state of traffic gridlock.

We need to get back in control of traffic congestion by investing in not only the road infrastructure but also the technology to get Victoria moving.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $20.5 million to overhaul outdated and ‘dumb’ traffic lights and replace them with ‘Smart Traffic Lights’.

To be implemented initially on a trial basis, these ‘Smart Traffic Lights’ will get traffic flowing again by bringing our traffic systems into the 21st century allowing them to monitor and react to congestion in real time along a whole arterial road.

Using the latest cloud-based technology, already in operation in other major cities such as London, traffic lights will be able to directly communicate with each other as well as with connected vehicles and know when a large volume of traffic is heading their way, allowing the system to adjust to allow the fastest possible flow. This means more traffic flow and less traffic jams.

New technology will also allow for real-time updates on traffic conditions and estimated travel times to be more accurately provided to in-car navigation systems and via smartphone apps so commuters can make better decisions about their travel.

This is in addition to the Liberal Nationals investment of $5.3 billion to remove 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s most dangerous and congested intersections and building the East West Link and the North East Link, these ‘Smart Traffic Lights’ will bust congestion and get Victoria moving.

The Nepean Highway will be the first arterial road installed with this system and will be complemented by the removal of intersections at Glenhuntly Road, North Road, South Road and Warrigal Road/Lower Dandenong Road.

Uncontrolled population growth is catching up with Daniel Andrews’ reckless decision to not build the East West Link that cost $1.3 billion in cancellation fees and which would have been completed next year.

Traffic congestion costs our economy around $5.54 billion a year.

Traffic congestion makes our roads dangerous for all road users.

Traffic congestion causes delays and frustrations which means we have less time to spend with family and friends.

The Liberal Nationals plan is about making our roads less congested and safer so Victorians spend more time at home with their families and less time stuck in traffic.

A government I lead will get back in control of population growth with a comprehensive plan to invest in the infrastructure we need and to decentralise our booming population.