Media Release

10 November 2018

Guy: Statement on the Bourke Street attack

Saturday 10 November 2018

Statement on the Bourke Street attack

I do not, have not and never will accept that “violent extremism is part of contemporary Australia.”

No Victorian or Australian should accept that.

I do not accept it as Opposition Leader and I would never accept it as Premier.

Victorians deserve and have a right to live in safety and while we can never be immune from the threat of terror, as yesterday’s events demonstrate, we should never accept it as part of our way of life.

Terrorism can be defeated, but never by accepting it as the normal part of life.

I will never accept blood on the streets of Melbourne as the norm.

Only ruthless determination to stamp out terrorism or crime of any sort can protect our community; be it the domestic terror of a home invasion or rioters and gangs roaming our streets.

There can be no complacency and no equivocation when it comes to protecting the community.

We must stand resolutely against terrorism. And that is what I would do as Premier.

No ifs or buts, and no acceptance that extremism is just part of contemporary Victoria.

A government I lead will never accept that violent extremism is part of contemporary Australia.