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05 October 2016

Guy: Stop talking, start doing

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Stop talking, start doing

Less than 90 minutes after Jacinta Allan said the Government was leaving everything on the table, Daniel Andrews was scrambling to rule out key recommendations of the Infrastructure Victoria report.

In the time it takes to drive from Pakenham to Geelong, Daniel Andrews had dumped police super stations, tolls on the Eastern Freeway and a congestion tax.

The Premier’s office has either sent Jacinta Allan the wrong talking points, or Daniel Andrews has panicked and ruled these new taxes out. Either way, this is not the way to run good government.

Victorians are sick and tired of this merry-go-round process from Labor on infrastructure planning. Under the Brumby Government, they commissioned the Rod Eddington review and then promptly walked away from it.  Then Daniel Andrews commissioned the Infrastructure Victoria report and is running away from it in record time.

Enough of the reviews, enough of the talking, just get on with it and build road and rail infrastructure.

While the Premier is in the process of backing away from proposals in this report, we invite him to also rule out other recommendations such as an expansion of the desalination plant and the increase in energy prices through peak and off-peak user charges.

Having claimed he was taking the politics out of infrastructure, Daniel Andrews appears to be cherry picking ideas ahead of his own formal response – based on politics.

This infrastructure report and all of its new taxes is the plan Daniel Andrews asked for, the plan Tim Pallas paid for, and the plan that Labor deep down would love to implement.

Daniel Andrews’ depoliticised infrastructure agenda has become a dog’s breakfast.