Media Release

20 November 2018

Guy: The Babes Project to expand west

Tuesday 20 November 2018

The Babes Project to expand west

Daniel Andrews has lost control of cost of living.

This means more pressures on the budgets of young families struggling to deal with skyrocketing power bills and higher taxes under Daniel Andrews.

The Liberal Nationals have a comprehensive plan to get Victorians back in control of their cost of living.

An elected Matthew Guy government will provide much needed support to disadvantaged young mothers with a $700,000 investment in The Babes Project towards establishing operations in Melbourne’s west.

This boost in funding is in addition to an earlier commitment of $300,000 and means $1 million will be provided to The Babes Project under an elected Liberal Nationals government.

This vital childbirth, education and support program helps women who face a crisis pregnancy by providing them with prenatal, antenatal and parenting information, first aid classes, cooking and nutrition classes, budgeting classes and help gain practical knowledge about childbirth and parenting.

The Babes Project runs one‑on‑one childbirth education classes for young women who cannot always attend, or afford services provided through hospitals.

A number of young women each year are not receiving the support they need in vital childbirth education and support during the ante and post-natal periods.

The Babes Project is reducing the risk of young women experiencing drug and alcohol dependence, maternal health problems, and the possible exposure to abuse or family violence.

As our population grows and cost of living pressures increase, support services like the Babes Project are vital to care for our at risk new mothers.

Under the Liberal Nationals’ Cost of Living Relief Packages families can be up to $1700 a year better off.

We will cut electricity bills by up to $645; there will be free school books for government secondary school students worth $476 per student per year – with two children at school that is a saving of $972 and we will introduce a Water Rebate Bonus with savings of up $100.

For low income earners there will be an energy discount of up $530 while Red P-Plate drivers will get a vehicle registration discount of $295.

Single parent families, pensioners and retirees will all benefit with our Cost of Living Relief Packages.

And we will introduce the lowest payroll tax rate in Australia of just one percent for regional and rural businesses to stimulate local economies and create jobs.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Liberal Party, Matthew Guy:

“I will get back in control of cost of living.

My comprehensive plan will save Victorian families up to $1700 and provide them with the support they need.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Families and Children, Georgie Crozier:

“Victorians have a very clear choice at this election between the Liberal and Nationals’ plan for you to Get Back In Control of your cost of living or more hip pocket taxes under Daniel Andrews and Labor.

As a former midwife, I value the work of organisations such as The Babes Project and the support they provide to vulnerable young mothers. The Babes Project is an exemplary example of a not-for-profit organisation supporting hundreds of women in Victoria.

This funding boost will allow this service to expand and help more families in Melbourne’s west who are struggling on the out of control cost of living pressures under Daniel Andrews.”

Comments attributable to Member for Croydon, David Hodgett:

“The Babes Project is changing the way vulnerable young Victorian women approach crisis pregnancy by supporting them in the perinatal period.

Until The Babes Project, there was very little support available in Croydon for young women confronted by a crisis pregnancy. Young single mothers require even more intensive support due to the unique challenges they face.”