Media Release

14 June 2017

Guy: The Liberal Nationals have a three point plan to fix bail. Daniel Andrews defends the status quo

Wednesday 14 June 2017

The Liberal Nationals have a three point plan to fix bail.  Daniel Andrews defends the status quo

How many more of these violent incidents does Daniel Andrews need before he admits the bail system is broken?

The bail system is broken and we need significant legal and cultural change, not more of Daniel Andrews’ excuses and blame games.

That is why the Liberal Nationals believe a major overhaul is required.

Earlier in the year we announced a three point plan to fix the bail system that will make Victorians safer.

The first principle is to introduce the presumption of remand for those charged with violent offences. Community expectation is that people accused of violent offences should not be put straight back out onto our streets.

The second principle is to introduce a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy for anyone breaching bail.  If you are on bail and you breach the conditions of bail, you forfeit that privilege and face remand.  For too long, breaching bail has carried no consequences.

The third principle will be the reinstatement of the offence of breaching bail by juveniles which was a change that weakened our bail system in 2016.

No more second chances. No more excuses.

And no more freedom for violent offenders that continue to break the law without any fear of the consequences or regard for human life.

It’s time Daniel Andrews put people before his divisive political games.