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15 June 2018

Guy: Two years after Daniel Andrews ‘ended’ the CFA crisis, there’s still no end in sight

Friday 15 June 2018

Two years after Daniel Andrews ‘ended’ the CFA crisis, there’s still no end in sight

Exactly two years ago today Daniel Andrews claimed he’d “ended” the CFA dispute, just before he made it even worse.

Two years later, Victorians are less safe than ever before because of the mess Daniel Andrews has made with our fire services.

On 15 June 2016, Daniel Andrews declared: “This dispute had to come to an end and I ended it.”

Two years later, Victoria’s fire services remain in crisis and still held to ransom by Peter Marshall and his militant union.

How many more years does Daniel Andrews need to fix the CFA crisis?

The CFA dispute has now been running for nearly 2,000 days, of which the clear majority of this time has been under the Andrews Labor Government.

In the two years since Daniel Andrews said he’d ended the CFA crisis, his government has been rocked by allegations of bullying and sexual harassment, more resignations of senior personnel, a Senate Committee inquiry, a Commonwealth bill amending the Fair Work Act and civil litigation in the Supreme Court challenging the EBA.

In a few months Victoria is about to enter another dangerous bushfire season and because of Daniel Andrews’ ham-fisted handling of the CFA dispute, it means the lives and property of hundreds of thousands of Victorians is at risk.

Victorians can’t afford another two more years of a broken fire services.

At the next election, Victorians will have a choice between more of Daniel Andrews’ war with our fire services or the Liberal Nationals policy to hold a Royal Commission to take the politics out of our fire services and provide a comprehensive plan to fix our fire services.

Only a Royal Commission, with the powers it possesses, will be capable of overcoming the obstacles that have thwarted so many earlier efforts at reform. It will be able to compel the production of evidence, critically examine the issues and produce recommendations for government consideration.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will protect those who protect us.