Media Release

10 April 2016

Guy: Victorian Population Taskforce

Sunday 10 April 2016


Victorian Population Taskforce

Today the Liberal Nationals Coalition is announcing its Victorian Population Taskforce.

The biggest challenge Victoria faces today is managing population growth and how that creates new jobs and protects the way we live.

Every year, Victoria’s population grows by around 100,000 people and 92 per cent of that growth is in Greater Melbourne.

Victoria needs a whole of government approach to regionalising our population growth, taking pressure off Melbourne and its infrastructure and growing all of our state through an incentive based Victorian population policy.

Last year I appointed Tim Smith as the nation’s first Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Population Policy.

Tim Smith will chair this taskforce which will investigate how we can assist, incentivise and work with local councils, communities and business to manage a whole of government approach to regionalise our population growth.

The findings of the Victorian Population Taskforce will form the basis of detailed policies that the Liberal Nationals Coalition will present before the next election.

The Liberal Nationals Coalition sees population growth as an opportunity not a burden and our Population Taskforce will embrace this opportunity.

The taskforce will look at how government plans for population growth overall, including the infrastructure we will need and how services will need to evolve.

This is about jobs, infrastructure and the way we live. We cannot continue to grow the way we have the last 30 years for the next 30 years.