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28 September 2017

Guy: Violent crimes continue to soar

Thursday 28 September 2017

Violent crimes continue to soar

Today’s release of crime statistics shows crime is up 16.1% under Daniel Andrews.

The quarterly results show that violent crime rates continue to increase under Daniel Andrews.

In the year to 30 June 2017, homicide and related offences is up 9.9%, robbery is up 10.6%, dangerous and negligent acts is up 14.4%, sexual offences is up 6.6%, and assaults are up 4.2%.

Home invasions and aggravated burglaries increased by 11.1% over the last year.

This continued increase in rates of violent crime is compelling evidence that Daniel Andrews must adopt the Liberal Nationals mandatory sentencing policy.

These crime statistics on violent offences reflect the revolving door of soft justice and sentencing under Daniel Andrews.

In comments published in today’s Herald Sun, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton expressed his frustrations with the sentencing system and criminals who only spend a short time in custody before being released and re-offending:

“We get them, we present them, they get some time in custody, then they are out and they are repeat offending.

The massive increases in the number of violent offences are why we have a policy of mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders.  Repeat violent offenders should serve mandatory jail times, not be out in the community committing more violent crimes.

If Daniel Andrews won’t listen to the Liberal Nationals on sentencing, maybe he will listen to the Chief Commissioner of Police.

Daniel Andrews can’t fix the violent crime rate by continuing to give repeat violent offenders multiple chances before sending them to jail.

As Lisa Neville conceded earlier this year, Victorians “don’t feel safe in their homes”.

Victorians deserve and expect to feel safe in their own homes and suburbs without the fear of being attacked and physically harmed.

At the next election, Victorians will have a clear choice.  Victorians will have a choice of more of the same soft touch approach by Daniel Andrews or the Liberals Nationals policy of mandatory sentencing and a stronger, tougher approach to violent criminals.