Media Release

22 November 2016

Guy-Walsh: Unconventional gas ban

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Unconventional gas ban

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy

The moratorium is already in place and already operating, so why is Daniel Andrews desperately pushing this legislation through when there’s a crime crisis and important legislation like our youth parole changes and the ‘No Body, No Parole’ to get through before the end of the year.

Instead of congratulating himself for following the Liberal Nationals lead on unconventional gas, Daniel Andrews should address Victoria’s emerging energy crisis.  The closure of Hazelwood will not only mean the loss of thousands of jobs, it will hike up electricity bills by up to 25% putting even more cost of living pressures on Victorian families.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Nationals Peter Walsh

We are committed to protecting our environment and water sources for the agricultural sector and will take this into consideration of the Bill.

The former Liberal Nationals government took a lead on this issue when we established the moratorium on unconventional gas.

Labor showed strong support for fracking in the past, approving 73 exploration permits and 23 fracking permits before there was any research or understanding of the impact.

We will be carefully considering the detail of this Bill before we come to any decision.