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25 May 2017

Guy: We need mandatory sentencing, not a talkfest

Thursday 25 May 2017

We need mandatory sentencing, not a talkfest

The answer is mandatory sentencing not another talkfest

We don’t need committees of bureaucrats to make recommendations; we need strong leadership and tougher action like mandatory sentencing to make Victoria safer.

Unless it’s mandatory sentencing the courts will ignore it.

Daniel Andrews’ proposed committee is made up of the very people who are part of the problem – “judges and magistrates, academics, Director of Public Prosecutors and legal stakeholders”.

These judges, bureaucrats and academics have combined over the years to weaken our laws and undermine sentencing and bail with their attitude that violent offenders are the real victims.

Instead of listening to the likes of Professor Arie Freiberg, Daniel Andrews should listen to people on the streets of Frankston, Caroline Springs and Tarneit about what they think about his current sentencing and bail laws.  He should also visit and listen to the people of Melton as their local Labor MP lives 70 kilometres away in Mordialloc.

Professor Arie Freiberg has repeatedly mocked the media and the concerns of Victorians about the law and order crisis.

This announcement shows not only a lack of strong leadership from Daniel Andrews, but his delay in introducing the council until 2018 will be of little comfort to victims of violent crime and those currently living in fear.

We need strong laws like mandatory sentencing, not guidelines and only a Liberal Nationals Government will deliver that.

The Liberal Nationals mandatory sentencing policy can be found here.