Media Release

16 November 2018

Guy: Hassan Khalif Shir Ali: Bail is broken in Victoria

Hassan Khalif Shir Ali: Bail is broken in Victoria

Today’s news that Hassan Khalif Shir Ali had a long history of breaching bail and a long history of even failing to appear in court is an indictment.

That he could ignore the law and walk free in contempt of it is appalling.

For the Liberal Nationals our starting point is clear.

We will never accept that violent extremism or crime is a part of contemporary Australia.

No Victorian or Australian should accept that.

Victorians deserve and have a right to live in safety, be it from terror or any other violent crime.

There can be no complacency and no equivocation when it comes to protecting the community.

That is why the Liberal Nationals are unambiguously tough when it comes to law and order issues.

The Liberal Nationals will never tolerate these breaches of community safety.

Our position is crystal clear. It is black and white.

You breach bail and you go to jail. No ifs or buts, no exceptions.

We put the community’s safety first and the rights of those who snub the law second.

Under the Liberal Nationals’ laws, Shir Ali would have been locked away for his contempt of the law.

If you are on bail and you breach the conditions of your bail, you will face remand. It is that simple.

The community demands and expects that they can live in safety.

We will give them that.