Media Release

31 January 2017

Southwick: Hazelwood closure

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Hazelwood closure

With only two months before Hazelwood’s planned complete shutdown, Daniel Andrews must do everything he can to fight to keep Hazelwood open to give the Latrobe Valley and Victoria’s energy supply time to transition.

The announced closure of Hazelwood because of Daniel Andrews’ reckless energy policies has caused power prices to soar, jobs to be lost and Victoria’s power security put in jeopardy.

The Latrobe Valley does not need more taxpayer money spent on bureaucrats; it needs jobs and income security.

Moving a government department to the Latrobe Valley won’t help blue collar workers who will lose their jobs in two months.

The most responsible outcome for the Latrobe Valley and Victoria is for a staged closure over years to allow transition and adjustment. However Daniel Andrews seems more concerned about meeting costly green targets than he is with people’s livelihoods.

Victoria needs a Premier to fight for the best interests of Victorians, not allow crime to soar, youth justice centres to be overrun, CFA volunteers to be shafted and power prices to surge because of reckless ideology.