Media Release

28 November 2017

Hodgett: “$1.5 million a metre? Tell him he’s dreaming.”

Tuesday 28 November 2017

“$1.5 million a metre? Tell him he’s dreaming.”

At a lazy $16.5 billion, Daniel Andrews’ 11 kilometre long North East Link costs $1,500,000 for every metre.

It’s clear that the Andrews Labor Government will toll the Eastern Freeway to help pay for the North East Link.

They’ve already used weasel words like “it’s not our intention” to toll the Eastern.

As Victorians well remember, Labor promised not to toll Scoresby and they promised they could scrap the East West Link without paying a single dollar in compensation. Labor just can’t be trusted on tolls.

A year ago Daniel Andrews costed the North East Link at $6.9 billion. Six months ago he costed it at $10 billion. Then it was $13 billion. Now, the price tag is $16.5 billion.

Instead of spending time trying to outfox his opponents, Luke Donnellan needs to sit down with his calculator and get his sums right.

To paraphrase Dale Kerrigan – Luke Donnellan thinks building roads is 10% brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck.