Media Release

22 April 2015

Hodgett: AFL Grand Final Parade

Wednesday 22 April 2015


AFL Grand Final parade

Today’s news of plans to move the Grand Final parade from the city confirms that Daniel Andrews’ announcement was nothing more than a short-sighted election stunt designed to win a headline for a day.

Daniel Andrews’ idea was a thought-bubble that no one asked for, no one wanted, but which will cost millions.

Already, the State’s peak employer group has warned that the public holiday could cost Victorian businesses $543 million. (Source:  VECCI statement 17 February 2015)

Indeed, it was VECCI Chief Executive Mark Stone who said the decision by Daniel Andrews highlights: “…the consequences of making populist decisions at the expense of good public policy.”

Daniel Andrews’ pre-Grand Final public holiday is bad for employers, bad for employees and bad for the Grand Final parade.

This is a spectacular own-goal by Daniel Andrews that would be thrown out by the AFL Tribunal.

The success of the Grand Final parade is built around having a city packed with workers – but by creating a ghost town in the CBD – it’s no wonder the AFL is being forced to make radical plans caused by Daniel Andrews’ short-sighted thought bubble.