Media Release

31 December 2015

Hodgett: Andrews dumps ‘safe’ from Homesafe amid crime on public transport

Thursday 31 December 2015


Andrews dumps ‘safe’ from Homesafe amid crime on public transport

The facts:

Daniel Andrews deliberately removed “safe” from his Homesafe trial.

In his Homesafe announcement one year ago today, Daniel Andrews’ promised he was “making getting home safer”.

Source:  media release, 31 December 2014

Ten months later, Labor revealed it had dumped the name Homesafe.

Source:  media release, 30 October 2015

Labor will not provide protective services officers at so-called non premium stations during the overnight services.

It was also revealed the cost of the program had blown out by $34 million under Daniel Andrews.

Source:  The Age, 6 August 2015

Latest crime figures show there were 10,682 recorded offences on our public transport in the last year, including:

  • 1,814 offences against the person
  • 647 drug offences
  • 2,344 public order and security offences, and
  • 4,674 property and deception offences.

Source:  Crime Statistics Agency figures (Data tables – recorded offences, table five)


Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Hodgett:

Daniel Andrews is the man who took the “safe” out of his own Homesafe program.

Victorians using the overnight services want to know that they will get home safe but Daniel Andrews’ refusal to provide extra protective services offices puts them at greater risk.

Daniel Andrews also needs to answer what time PSOs will walk off the job at non-premium stations across Melbourne on Friday and Saturday nights.