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11 July 2018

Hodgett: Another Luke Donnellan goof

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Another Luke Donnellan goof

In today’s edition of least surprising breaking news, Luke Donnellan has admitted his ham-fisted handling of the Geelong region’s traffic lights chaos has been “unacceptable”.

This hapless minister lurches from one roads disaster to another. The Swan Street Bridge remains incomplete and months overdue and the works on Hoddle Street have blown out by nearly $50 million.

Victoria is growing by almost 150,000 people a year and traffic congestion is getting worse but Daniel Andrews has handed one of the most important ministry’s to one of his least competent ministers.

Luke Donnellan’s idea of congestion is a 20 minute queue for breakfast at his local Fitzroy North café.

The Liberal Nationals have a policy to build a North East Link and an East West Link as well as removing 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s busiest and most dangerous intersections through grade separations. Daniel Andrews and Labor have only committed to building a North East Link.

At the next election the difference and choice is clear.