Media Release

15 October 2018

Hodgett: Daniel Andrews puts the handbrake on motorists

Monday 15 October 2018

Daniel Andrews puts the handbrake on motorists

The Australian Automobile Association’s first annual congestion report shows what every Victorian already knew – Melbourne’s traffic congestion is out of control and the worst in Australia.

Labor has been in government for 15 of the last 19 years but failed to plan for population growth and now every Melbourne motorist is paying the price.

The Road Congestion in Australia report reveals that average speeds are slowing at record rates across Melbourne with average annual speed for motorists dropping from 65.3km/h to 59.9km/h.

If Daniel Andrews hadn’t cancelled the East West Link contract, costing taxpayers $1.3 billion, this important road would now be close to completion.

Melbourne is jam packed but only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to decentralise our population.

And with Melbourne’s population now 5 million people and growing at an average of around 2,700 a week, it’s going to get worse unless we start taking action now to decentralise our jobs and our population.

That’s why the Liberal Nationals have developed a comprehensive strategy to unclog Melbourne’s roads and transport plus build European-style high speed rail links across Victoria.

Our decentralisation plan ticks every box – unclogging major arterial roads, metropolitan rail extensions to growth areas, new highways and building the fastest passenger rail in Australia.

By contrast, Daniel Andrews and Labor have announced a ring rail project that will cost around $70 billion that at best will take over 30 years to build and will result in massive tax increases on Victorian families.

Despite promising four years ago to not introduce any new taxes, Daniel Andrews has since slugged Victorians with 12 new or higher taxes. Every Victorian knows he will raise taxes again to pay for this $70 billion proposal.

Melbourne’s population squeeze is putting enormous stress on housing affordability, roads, public transport, schools and hospitals and that negatively impacts everyone’s quality of life.

Victoria needs population growth but it needs to be the right growth in the right places at the right time. We can’t afford another four more years of Labor’s unplanned, unmanaged population growth.