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07 August 2018

Hodgett: Daniel Andrews puts Transurban before Victorians

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Daniel Andrews puts Transurban before Victorians  

Motorists in the northern, eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne will be angry today to learn that Transurban has recorded record profits off the back of their grubby deal with Daniel Andrews to put more tolls on motorists using the Monash and Tullamarine.

One commentator has calculated that if the West Gate Tunnel goes ahead under the current deal, Transurban will get a minimum $7.8 billion just from the extra CityLink revenue, not even counting the tolls from the actual new tunnel.

This backroom deal by Daniel Andrews has been a financial windfall for Transurban and shows where the Premier’s priorities lie.

Victorians are already doing it tough with cost of living pressures and now motorists will keep paying higher tolls because of Daniel Andrews’ backroom deals.