Media Release

30 October 2018

Hodgett: Enhancing traffic safety in Croydon

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Enhancing traffic safety in Croydon

Daniel Andrews has lost control of congestion and failed to get ahead of vital road infrastructure to stop our local suburbs choking with traffic.

That’s why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will commit $2 million to install turning lanes and complete other safety measures at the intersection of Plymouth Road, Golden Ridge Drive and Sand Gate Avenue in Croydon.

Traffic volumes on Plymouth Road have increased in recent years, substantially increasing the risk for motorists and pedestrians.

These improvements will increase safety and line of sight for pedestrians and road traffic, improve vehicle lanes and separation, as well as reducing vehicle and pedestrian conflict.

The upgrade will be conducted in conjuction with VicRoads and will be subject to final design and implementation.

Only the Liberal Nationals will get back in control of population growth and road infrastructure to get people out of traffic safely and at home with their families.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David Hodgett:

“The Liberal Nationals are committed to easing the crippling congestion on Melbourne’s roads and getting back in control as our population grows each year.

We are also committed to reducing our road toll and the incidence of injury or death, as a result of unsafe local roads, by making the right investments in our road networks.

Only the Liberal Nationals Government will fix this mess and ensure this intersection is upgraded to help keep pedestrians and road users safe.”