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21 December 2016

Hodgett: Labor’s admission on need for South Yarra in Metro

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Labor’s admission on need for South Yarra in Metro


It was reported today that the Andrews Government has conceded that South Yarra Station may need to be included in the Metro Rail Project in the future.

The Melbourne Metro Advisory Committee report states that:

…the Committee accepts that the relative cost/benefit ratio of a new, additional station at South Yarra may change over time, and accordingly, the Committee considers that the design and construction of the Project should not preclude the ability to include such a station as part of the metropolitan network at some time in the future.


…the design stage of the Project should seek to ensure that if possible, the option of providing for such a station at some time in the future should not be precluded.

(Source: Inquiry and Advisory Committee Report, page 269-270)

A proposal for the upgrade of South Yarra Station would involve two new underground platforms at Osborne Street, South Yarra.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett:

Today’s admission by the Andrews Labor Government that they may need to include the South Yarra Interchange is more proof that they are already mismanaging this critically important infrastructure.

South Yarra Station is Melbourne’s busiest outside of the CBD and will only to continue to grow in coming decades. There is simply no rational reason to have this new rail line come within 100 metres of the South Yarra Station and not have an interchange.

Daniel Andrews received a $4 billion windfall from the sale of the Port of Melbourne and there is simply no excuse to not build this station.

The Liberal Nationals have always said we need a new rail link but we need to get it right.  We don’t want this to be another myki or desal plant stuff-up by Labor.