Media Release

30 September 2018

Hodgett: Melbourne slows to a crawl under Daniel Andrews

Sunday 30 September 2018

Melbourne slows to a crawl under Daniel Andrews

Everyone in Melbourne knows peak hour traffic is grinding to a halt due to uncontrolled population growth. New reports today will be no surprise.

That’s why the Liberal National will build both an East West Link and a North East Link and remove 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s most dangerous and congested intersections.

Daniel Andrews wasted $1.3 billion to NOT build the East West Link and now we hear motorists are travelling as slow as 1km/h along Alexandra Parade.

The Liberal Nationals’ plan to remove 55 of our most dangerous and congested intersections will help get our arterial roads moving again.

Victoria grew by 140,000 people last year and unless we start planning now things will get worse, not better.

Daniel Andrews wants to build his North East Link without fixing the Eastern Freeway and that’s a plan for 24 hour gridlock.

Under the Liberal Nationals’ plan, both an East West Link and a North East Link would be developed in tandem.

Melburnians have never before felt under so much pressure. We are spending more time at work, more time stuck in traffic and less time with family and friends.

Traffic congestion makes our roads dangerous for all road users.

Traffic congestion costs our economy around $5.54 billion a year.

Traffic congestion causes delays and frustrations which means we have less time to spend with family and friends.

Census data shows that 74% of Melburnians take a car to work every day. That’s why more of Daniel Andrews and Labor’s band-aid approach won’t cut it anymore.

Unlike Daniel Andrews and Labor, we will not introduce or increase tolls on any existing roads, including the Eastern Freeway, to fund the construction of this Super Highway.

Victorians now have a clear choice on infrastructure. The Liberal Nationals who support both an East West Link and a North East Link and removal of 55 traffic light intersections or Labor who only want to build a North East Link that will channel 100,000 more cars into a car park on the Eastern Freeway.