Media Release

14 July 2017

Hodgett: Metro and Myki failure

Friday 14 July 2017

Metro and myki failure

After such a catastrophic transport failure, Daniel Andrews should not ask commuters to complete a paper form to get compensation.

Labor spent $1.5 billion building myki and recently another $700 million to recontract it, yet it can’t manage a simple refund.

Daniel Andrews sat around the Cabinet table when the contract was signed for this $1.5 billion dud myki system.

Surely an easy first step would be to automatically reimburse commuters who tapped on with their myki card yesterday afternoon.

It’s not good enough offering a free travel day as commuters who have already paid for a monthly or yearly myki pass will miss out on compensation.

The government has offered no remedy for the mums and dads who had to pay hundreds of dollars for taxis or Uber rides to pick their kids up from childcare.

Enough blame shifting by Daniel Andrews, the fault lies with his government’s management of our transport infrastructure.

Under Daniel Andrews we’ve gone from the ‘world’s most liveable city’ to the world’s most laughable – you don’t see this happening in Sydney, London or New York.