Media Release

20 June 2016

Hodgett: Metro Rail Funding

Monday 20 June 2016

Metro Rail Funding

Despite not putting it to Infrastructure Victoria for assessment, Daniel Andrews claims that the business case for Metro Rail stacks up when the Federal Government contributes $4.5 billion for the $11 billion project.

Daniel Andrews submitted the business case to the Turnbull Government only minutes before he held a press conference demanding a $4.5 billion contribution.

No serious leader could properly suggest that a government should hand over $4.5 billion just months after the proposal has been presented.

Bill Shorten says if he is elected his government will provide $380 million towards the $11 billion project.

The Andrews Labor Government has been sledging the Turnbull Government for months because it did not immediately hand over $4.5 billion.

Yet when Bill Shorten made an election commitment for less than 10% of what the Andrews Government has been demanding, Jacinta Allan applauded it and welcomed it with open arms.

Federal Labor’s election promise shows that not even Bill Shorten believes that Daniel Andrews has properly planned and costed Metro Rail.  It also shows that Daniel Andrews has no influence in Canberra over either Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull.

It has now become obvious that Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan are more interested in using Metro Rail as a political football for the federal election campaign than actually building it.