Media Release

11 June 2015

Hodgett: Myki – How Labor Manages Projects

Thursday 11 June 2015


Myki – How Labor manages projects

The Auditor General’s report has confirmed what Victorian transport users have known for years – Myki is an overpriced dud Labor project.

The report has shown that Myki was botched from the start and Labor did not think through their $1.5 billion white elephant.

But what many Victorians wouldn’t have known is that Labor’s dud Myki contract has seen $1.4 million paid to Myki executives as bonuses, even though the system has been riddled with issues.

And again today, we have seen reports of Myki failures in Williamstown leaving commuters in a ticketing limbo.

Daniel Andrews was part of the Cabinet that introduced Myki, now he wants to build an $11 billion rail tunnel under the Yarra River. Given Labor’s track record on major projects, I wouldn’t be surprised if this tunnel ends up somewhere in Port Phillip Bay.