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29 November 2017

Hodgett: Pick a number, any number

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Pick a number, any number

Daniel Andrews initially said the Metro Rail Tunnel would cost $9 billion. It’s now $11 billion and counting. That’s already a cost blowout of 22%.

Daniel Andrews originally claimed the level crossing removals program would cost $5.5 billion. It’s now $8.9 billion and counting. That’s a cost blowout of 61% with probably more to come.

Daniel Andrews said he would build the allegedly ‘shovel-ready’ West Gate Distributor for $500 million. Then it blew out to $680 million. That was a 36% blowout before he scrapped it all together and announced a multi-billion cash cow for Transurban.

Daniel Andrews first costed the North East Link at $6.9 billion. Six months ago he costed it at $10 billion. Then it was $13 billion. Now, the price tag is $16.5 billion. That’s an eye-watering 139% cost blowout before a shovel has even hit the ground.

Fitzroy North resident and Member for Narre Warren North, Luke Donnellan is out of his depth and should be moved out of the roads portfolio.