Media Release

05 July 2016

Hodgett: Renewal of Myki Contract

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Renewal of Myki Contract

The Andrews Labor Government has decided to reward poor performance by awarding another $700 million contract to the makers of Myki.

Only Daniel Andrews thinks it’s reasonable to give the makers of Myki another chance despite years of incompetence and failure.

Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan need to explain to Victorians why they have doubled-down on Labor’s plagued Myki system without even considering alternative options such as London’s Oyster Card or Hong Kong’s Octopus systems.

The Liberal Nationals Coalition has referred the retendering process for Myki to the Auditor General and urges them to now expedite this review.

The retendering of the Myki contract was an opportunity to improve the system for Victorian public transport users through use of new technologies such as credit card tap-on, and use of smart phone devices.

Victorians will be the ones who suffer the consequences for Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan’s continued bungling of this opportunity.