Media Release

29 March 2016

Hodgett: Safety flaws in tram fleet

Tuesday 29 March 2016


Safety flaws in tram fleet

The findings of a secret report that found safety flaws on the E-Class tram fleet is more evidence of a government and Transport Minister out of their depth.

Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan have repeatedly shown they can’t get basic passenger safety right.

Victorian taxpayers now face yet another expensive repair bill on public transport and yet again Daniel Andrews has no answers.  Daniel Andrews will no doubt try to blame Malcolm Turnbull.

Daniel Andrews needs to urgently explain what his government is doing to protect passenger safety on these trams and when the problem will be fixed.

Jacinta Allan has the reverse Midas touch.  Everything this minister touches turns bad.

Last November Jacinta Allan boasted that the E-Class were “the biggest, safest and most accessible trams on the network”.  Now we discover that yet again the minister is not up to the job.

It is little wonder Victorians have concerns about Daniel Andrews’ capacity to build the Metro Rail tunnels if he can’t get the very basics of safe travel right